You probably thought I forgot your meatless meal for Friday, but I didn’t!

Today’s meal is picture-less, because I am going to be lame like that today. But trust me it is yummy. I call it, Egg With Rice and Corn, my roommate introduced it to me (she got it from a monastery in France).

First, make some rice. Follow the directions on the package, you’ll do just fine. Try brown rice for extra, healthy bonus points.

Next, heat up some canned corn, or frozen corn (it doesn’t matter which, but frozen corn has more nutrients in it and less salt).

Finally, when you rice is cooked and your corn warmed, gently fry and egg over-easy in a little butter or coconut oil (or to your taste if you don’t like runny eggs, I think over easy-tastes best here and you’ll see why in a minute).

Then put a scoop of rice in a bowl, followed by a scoop of corn (drained of course), then on top put your fried egg. Garnish with a few chives or green onion. Sprinkling a little salt and pepper on top and, viola, your meatless meal for Friday. Once you break the yolk on the egg it mixes with the rice and the corn and the salt and pepper, and it’s just oh, so good. . .