So, remember how I had a picture of just my mismatched socks a post or two ago? This is how it started. My two-stepping fanatic of a roommate asked me to go out two-stepping and line dancing with her at a country bar. Fun right?

But, before you go two stepping you have to dress for the part, right?  Line dancing in ballet flats just doesn’t work. Have a look at these adorable boots. Such a lovely color of suede. They aren’t mine, they are another roommate’s who couldn’t got out with us that night because she was at a gala or something.


Cute right? Oh, yes so cute. And deceitfully small. I was able to pull them on just fine.


But taking them off was another story. After the roomie and I got home, I sat down to take off my cute boots. The right boot came off just fine, but the left would. not. budge. My roommate had to tug, and pull, and tug some more to get that darned boot off. I was starting to worry. Would I have to cut the boot off? That seemed a little drastic. Would I have to sleep in it? Perhaps the dancing made my feet swell and if I slept with my foot elevated I could get the boot off in the morning (okay later that day, who are we kidding really? It’s like 2 a.m. here.). But I was determined that I was not going to sleep with one boot on. Diddle, diddle dumpling.


I asked dear roomie to try pulling it off one more time. And praise the Heavens, off it came! And I’ve never been so happy to see my mismatched socks in all my life!