This is your summer sunscreen reminder, wear it. Wear a hat too. My pasty, white skin has now suffered two minor burns this summer, both on my shoulders where I missed spots with the sunscreen. Each burn had an area of less than a few inches, and I consider this a victory seeing that I burn very, very easily and both times I was in the direct mid-day sun for more than 1/2 hour. (My new favorite sunscreen is Neutrgena’s Liquid Sunblock 70, it layers really well under make-up.)

This is also your summer reminder to start baking cobbler. Trust me, everyone will love you and want to be your best friend for ever and ever. Unless of course you’re their roommate and you forget to make a small cobbler to leave behind when you take the large cobbler away to a family baptism. Oops, sorry roommies. I made this cobbler over the weekend and it was a huge hit! The only change I made was a fruit, I made a peach cobbler and not black berry. I dusted the peaches with cinnamon before I sweetened them to taste. Delectable.