You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as often lately. Not to worry, I am still planning to keep up my work here! The reason for my absence is that my life has undergone some crazy changes these past two months. The largest of these being that I quit my job (I wrote about it here in a guest post at LifeintheGap). I am still trying to decide if this was a brave or a crazy move, maybe it was a little of both.  I will say that it is an incredible feeling to pack up your office things into a file box and walk out the door at closing. (In this case my file box turned recycle bin, I covered it with print-outs of books because I hated the huge, ugly, industrial, blue bins they gave us that didn’t fit anywhere. My paper covered file box fit right under my desk.) If you have any ideas for my next adventure feel free to share!

In other news, Sacred Monkeys of the Vatican is only 12 posts away from 500 posts! Thank you dear readers for the all the support and encouragement! 500 here we come!