I’ve decided that this blog is about everything and nothing. I hope to hone my writing skills, introduce my readers to subjects and interests that I love, and ponder thoughts. Please think of it as a electronic scrapbook. When I was young I used to clip pictures out of magazine of things that interested me; this blog is just the adult version and then some.

I am going to try and not let this be a soapbox, but you must forgive me if I ever go on a rant or gripe.

The title comes from one of my favorite quotes in Brideshead Revisited, “Oh, Mummy, who could have dreamed he’d swallow it?  I told him such a lot besides.  About the sacred monkeys in the Vatican — all kinds of things.” Rex (Julia’s intended) is converting to the Catholic Church so that he can marry Julia. Cordelia feeds him all kinds of crazy ideas that any sensible grown up should recognize as fictious. But Rex unwittingly believes everything he is told by Cordelia, one of the reasons I love Cordelia and cannot stand Rex.