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If you happen to live in the DC area I urge you to hie yourself down to the National Gallery of Art and see the exhibit on Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes. It’s an amazing exhibit on scenery and costume design for the Ballets Russes, it’s brilliant! There are scenes and costumes by Picasso, Chanel, Matisse. I loved it! I was in heaven since it was the perfect combination of my two favorite things, art and ballet!

One of the things I found particularly striking about the exhibit is that the designers made it feel like your waiting in the wings of a theater. It really brought back a lot of memories for me, I could stand just behind a “wing” and enjoy the videos that were playing as part of the exhibit, just as when I was dancing we used to stand and watch the scene/performance before ours. It was wonderful!



Maria Tallchief passed away yesterday, she was an amazing ballet dancer, one of the first to put America on the map for Ballet. She was best known for her part as the Firebird. I found a movie with her commenting a little on the role. I am just amazed at her grace!




Being sick has a few perks, I can watch TV and not feel too bad (as John Muir’s Wilderness Essays glare at me from the shelf. Sorry Muir, your essays are dull. I’ll finish them someday). Yesterday I watched the ballet documentary First Position on Netflix, it was so good! I mean, it wasn’t anything I wasn’t already aware of, it was just a good documentary. And I loved the dancing. Michaela dePrince is amazing!

I like it when retailers use ballet companies to model their wares. Last year JCrew used the Mariinsky Ballet to sell sweaters, and here is a Levis commerical that uses the Korean National Ballet:

I am not sold on the jeans, but wasn’t that a lovely commercial?


How is it already Friday again? Don’t get me wrong, I love weekends, but this year is just flying by! I am getting ready for another full weekend, with a couple adventures lined up. I tell you all about it on Monday!


(I can’t find the source for this picture, but I am pretty sure it’s from last year’s JCrew.)

Here is something beautiful to start your weekend!

Source: via Trena on Pinterest

I found a dance studio and they are currently offering walk-ins for adult ballet classes. So I decided to try a few classes out this week. My first class was last night, and it was not only an amazing workout (my poor calves are still screaming at me, “WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE SUCH ABUSE!”), but a trip down memory lane. It’s funny how there are somethings that never change no matter how many years you are away. Like the way the barre makes that creaking sound when it gives and flexes as you stretch. Or the sound slippered feet make on the floor, all moving in unison. Or that feeling of exhilaration when you do grand battement en cloche.

I decided to take a peek at the stats! Here are the top ten search terms people use to find my blog:

1) Coco Chanel (Coco is number one! I wish she had been no. 5 just for the irony of it.)

2) Grace Kelly (My role model!)

3) Sacred Monkeys of the Vatican (Yes, those wonderful Sacred Monkeys!)

4) Immaculate Conception (My patroness!)

5) Maria Tallchief (Childhood ballet idol.)

6) Ruby Slippers (Red and sparkly!)

7) Coco Chanel Old (Why old?)

8) Dovima (Model extraordinare.)

9) White bottoms after labor day history (Oh, those old fashioned rules! I once own a pair of white trousers. I ruined them after a week using the Italian public transit system. After the week they were grey. Poor trousers.)

10) Maria Tallchief Firebird (Her greatest role ever. She was the Firebird.)

Picture via


This is funny, Unhappy Hipsters.

This looks, yummy. (Via A Cup of Jo)

Ten Thousand Places has a waterfall I would chase.

I want to try making one of these huge pictures for my room from Little Green Notebook.

I want to try this perfume, I am eyeing the Green Accord Sweet Basil and the Flower Accord True Russian Rose. What would you pick?

This dress is amazing. I would wear it with orange heels.

I like this necklace.

And, a short documentary on how pointe shoes are made and then destroyed.

That’s it for now folks! Have a happy Wednesday!

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