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Just in case you needed a get-away in the middle of your day! Check out this panoramic view of Paris!


These Haagen-Daz comercials found their way to my computer while I was watching The Office Finale. (The Office is over! Sniff.) Anyway, I loved them both! And now, thanks to the successful marketing of Haagen-Daz, not only do I want ice cream, I also want to go back to Rome, cook Italian food, and watch Swan Lake. Le sigh.


Sunday I took a trip to the National Gallery of Art to see Michelangelo’s David-Apollo , It’s called the DavidApollo because they aren’t sure who it is exactly. I think it is a David, he doesn’t seem Apollo-esque enough to me.

This statue was on loan from the Bargello in Florence. I have seen the statue in Florence before, but I figured I’d go see it again. It’s like when a good friend comes to town you make sure you stop by and say hello during their visit.

To top the visit off, there was an amazing piano trio playing later that evening for which I was able to stay! (FYI: a piano trio means that there is a piano and two other instruments, usually a cello and violin, all playing together. It doesn’t mean a trio of pianos.)


Update: Just found this article by Simcha Fisher on children and and their take on art. Loved it!

Today Pope Benedict XVI steps down from the Chair of Peter at 2 p.m. EST. I will miss him so! I was there, standing in a crush at the front row at St. Peter’s square when he was elected. Thank you, Holy Father, for all that you have given me these past eight years! You’ll be in my prayers. Ti voglio bene!

P.S. If you want solid, up-to-date information on what is going on at the Vatican now, I reccomend that you follow Whispers in the Loggia.


So here are the promised pictures of Poland! 1) St. Mary’s Basilica – in the main square, 2) decoration on the door to our hostel, 3) a chandelier from the Wieliczka Salt Mine, it is made out of salt! 4) Thanksgiving Dinner! (It’s turkey on a skewer with bacon in between each piece all roasted together and mustard on the side, mmmmm) I guess the picture didn’t come out very well, but it still looks tasty. 5) The beautiful Wawel Cathedral on Wawel Hill, right next to Wawel castel (I like saying Wawel, pronounce it Vah-vel). St. Queen Jadwiga of Poland is buried here, one of my all time favorite saints!

It was a great trip! Lots of coffee, lots of pastry, lots of amazing Polish churches, adoration on every street corner, lots of classical music, train rides. My friend and I went to a classical concert every single night. We had this routine that would start with us waking up around 9:00, getting coffee, touring until 16:30ish, then getting more coffee, go to a concert at some amazing location (my favorite was a trio held at the Jagallionian University -the music was to die for and the hall it was held in was so beautiful! It was too dark to take pictures there, but I wish I could have). After our concert we would find a traditional Polish dinner, then walk around the main square and window shop and finally, either find dessert or a shot of vodka somewhere.

We made a few trips outside Krakow to Auswitz-Birkenau, Wadowice (Bl. Pope John Paul II’s hometown), the Divine Mercy Shrine, Wieliczka Salt Mine, to the monastery of Jasna Gora in Częstochowa to see the Black Madonna. (Here is the story of the Black Madonna!)

I wish I could tell you everything, but it would take a book I think. But I will say this, I love Poland, the people are so great, the culture is amazing. It is a very cozy country, I had an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back again someday!

I’m back! I need to load a few photos Poland so I can share them with you. In the mean time I’ve been running around catching up on stuff that has piled up while I was gone. Like put air in the tires of my car.

But can I first share with you the funniest moment ever? The first day there I was walking down the street near the center square in Krakow. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, I was staring at the huge market hall in the middle of the sqaure, when I almost ran into a pole.


Okay maybe it wasn’t that funny. But when you have just arrived in the EU after a transatlantic just about anything is hilarious! Esp. when I tried to vocalize outloud “I almost ran into a pole” while in Poland. I couldn’t breath for a few seconds after because I was laughing so hard.

Source: via Trena on Pinterest

Well, this isn’t going to be a typical Thanksgiving for me, I’ll be on a train to Czestochowa to see the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa at Jasna Gora monastery. You, dear reader, will be in my intentions!

Then I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving in Polish style complete with my new favorite food – toast, with lard and pickles. I think the lard is more like bacon drippings, there is a lot of meat in it, but the restaurants keep calling it lard. They serve it as an appetizer. It’s soooo good. . . I know, it sounds weird. I almost didn’t try it, but I am glad I did!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Well, actually it’s one bag, but it is packed and ready to go! Posts will be few over the next week, so I wish you and your’s a very happy Thanksgiving! And, if you happen to be in Krakow keep your eyes open, I’ll be the one in the yellow berret!

So a friend posted this music video on Facebook, and now I am hooked on everything by Wendy Nazaré. I can pick out bits and pieces of the French and get a general feeling for what they are saying, but I don’t feel confident giving translation. I tried to find a translation for this song, but I guess it doesn’t exist yet in English.

I feel like I always have a disclaimer before music videos about the content-but I don’t feel like I need one before this video. There is some really cool eyeshadow that I am filing away in my mind for future use. Maybe a masquerade party? Halloween? Who knows.

Remember how I was talking about going on an adventure a few weeks ago? Well I made up my mind! I am going to Krakow, Poland over the Thanksgiving holidays. And I may be able to squeeze a day in Vienna as well. I am so very excited! I stayed in Krakow in 2008 for two weeks and I just loved it. It’s a beautiful city, not very touristy, and the people are so wonderful!

Update: Eeep! I just realized that is was 2007 and not 2008 that I was in Krakow – five years ago. Where does the time go?


Image Source: via Trena on Pinterest

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