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I feel like I should introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. M Street. I pass by them every morning on the way to work, then again in the afternoon, and they always make my day. I prefer the days when he is wearing a bow tie, I’ll have to remember to take a picture when he is. But don’t you just love her outfit?




I want a pair of canvas shoes for the summer, to wear on days when my pedicure doesn’t look so hot but I want my feet to be cool. But I can’t decide which to get! Keds or Toms? I love the classic look of Keds, I also like the way Toms look. And then what colour should I get? I am leaning towards red since it seems to go with everything, but navy might be nice too. Thoughts?

Plus, does anyone else think it’s funny that the branding on both these shoes includes a blue label?



Or maybe I should get a pair of Bensimons?



Ive been wanting a nice pair of penny loafers for a while now, so I finally broke down and bought some! I just can’t decide, should I put a penny in them or not? Maybe I’ll use Euro. . .

The Oscars were a lot of fun to watch last night! I am still sore Les Miserables didn’t get Best Picture. . . phooey. But The Paperman did win best animated short! Whoot!

The real question that is burning in the back of my mind is: where were all the cool dresses?  (Didn’t I ask this same question last year?) I feel like it was a rather lackluster selection this year. No colors. No cool details. A lot of black, gold, and sequins, greys and whites, blues, and reds. And what was poor Anne Hathaway thinking when she picked that pink number?

If anyone wants to hire me as their stylist for the next Oscars, please, feel free to drop me a line. I could totally drum up some more interesting outfits. . . like this!

This necklace is so cool! It would be like wearing the Milky Way!

And while we are on the topic of the Milky Way, can I just say that is the best name ever for our galaxy? We name the planets after gods, which is great and all, but we call our galaxy via lactea – poetry wins the day again!

How hard do you think it would be to make a tulle skirt? I don’t think it would be that hard (heheh, famous last words). I mean really, I wouldn’t even have to hem it, which is the worst part about making a skirt. (I guess the underskirt would need to be hemmed, but if I made it out of something like jersey and then put fray check on it, it might work just fine.)

How much do I hate the hemming? In high school I would sew a skirt and then take it to a tailor to be hemmed – not because I was lazy, but because I hate hemming.

Image Source: via Trena on Pinterest

Well, it’s over for another four years. I am so disappointed and sickened – there is nothing else to be said or done for the moment. I am going to keep a stiff upper lip and make french onion soup, pour a glass of red wine and enjoy the excellent company of a few good friends. Balm for the soul indeed.

All the same this quote from G.K. Chesterton’s The Ballad of the White Horse kept running through my mind today:

“The men of the East may spell the stars,
And times and triumphs mark,
But the men signed of the cross of Christ
Go gaily in the dark.”

Going gaily in the dark doesn’t mean that we are bumbling about. It means marching into a situation that is dire, but still letting our hearts be joyful, for what do we have to fear?

If you need some more inspirations for post election musings here are a few:

A great quote by St. Augustine from Ten Thousand Places.

An Election Reflection via Joan in Ordinary Time

What Cardinal Dolan said and commentary from Whispers in the Loggia.

A thank-you to the Romneys from Blog of the Courtier.

What to do when the going gets tough, from Dixie Grit (things always feel better when your nails look nice).


I have to say, traffic this morning was the best its been since that one still week in summer when all the interns leave before school stars again and everyone else is grabbing last minute vacations on the beach. Everyone is voting. Go team America! I voted absentee this year because I was supposed to be in CA right now – thanks hurricane Sandy.

And I tried to dress patriotically this morning – and that turned into an epic fail, color wise I mean. Red stockings with fuchsia heels and a black dress. Very Kate Spade – but not the red, white and blue scheme I was hoping to achieve. I forgot that I threw out my pair of blue flats this summer and didn’t remember until I was fully dressed and ready to head out the door.  And I didn’t have the guts to wear my über sparkly, über high, blue heels. But I did have the nerve to wear red and fuchsia together. Go figure. (I wish I had a picture to complete this, sadly it wasn’t possible.)

Perhaps after reading this you are thinking I should have more serious thoughts on my mind today than what I am wearing. And I do. I’ll be praying and fasting all day today for the election outcome – you should too.

I like it when retailers use ballet companies to model their wares. Last year JCrew used the Mariinsky Ballet to sell sweaters, and here is a Levis commerical that uses the Korean National Ballet:

I am not sold on the jeans, but wasn’t that a lovely commercial?


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