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I’ve watched this five or six times now and I think the choreography is just amazing:


I saw this commerical for the first time a year or two ago at least. Maybe you have already seen it, I just had to share it today, today calls for something colorful and happy.

Here are a few two videos I found interesting. Normally I would post each of these as a separate post, but for some reason WordPress won’t let me embed them and wants to post them as links. Sigh. Anyway, enjoy!

My roommate found this hilarious video making fun of America’s idea of cricket!

These young people play in a recycled orchestra. It makes me ashamed of the dilapidated piano sitting rather forlornly and unplayed in my dinning room because a few of the keys stick, they would love to have something like that.

These Haagen-Daz comercials found their way to my computer while I was watching The Office Finale. (The Office is over! Sniff.) Anyway, I loved them both! And now, thanks to the successful marketing of Haagen-Daz, not only do I want ice cream, I also want to go back to Rome, cook Italian food, and watch Swan Lake. Le sigh.

My roommate found this video produced by BBC. Apparently they have a whole series of Horrible Histories – I thought this one was particularly funny!

Two items of note: 1) Film above is the story of Dick Turpin which is romanticized by William Harrison Ainsworth in his novel Black Bess, of The Knight of the Road. 2) In case you were wondering, from what I can tell the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes is based in Scotland, not England, on a generic highwayman character, not Dick Turpin, but I could be wrong.

P.S. Did you know that Alfred Noyes converted to Catholicism?

This film, The Paperman, has been all over my Facebook news feed and I just had to share it. Isn’t it the sweetest thing you ever saw!

So I stumbled across this piece by Benjamin Britten, called Friday Afternoon op. #7 (Cuckoo). I guess it was used in Moonrise Kingdom, the film by Wes Anderson, which I haven’t seen yet and I mean to soon.

Anyway, I love this bit so much I made it my alarm. It’s perfect! I love waking up to it. I love it so much that I press snooze several times so I can hear it again and again (never mind that I would be pressing snooze anyway).

Being sick has a few perks, I can watch TV and not feel too bad (as John Muir’s Wilderness Essays glare at me from the shelf. Sorry Muir, your essays are dull. I’ll finish them someday). Yesterday I watched the ballet documentary First Position on Netflix, it was so good! I mean, it wasn’t anything I wasn’t already aware of, it was just a good documentary. And I loved the dancing. Michaela dePrince is amazing!

So it’s been depressing as all get-out here, the rain never stops. It’s overcast and gloomy. I’ll admit that I don’t handle the cold very well, but I do better when there is quantitative amounts of sunshine. So, to brighten your day(and mine), here are a few clips.

A happy music video full of sunshine!

Make a bowl and eat it all! (Just remember what your mother told you about eating raw egg.)

Information on deserts to take your mind off all the nasty rain.

Don’t forget, summer clothes! Vogue fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2013.

St. Scolastica the patroness of weather.

Homemade Limoncello – it’s like sunshine in a bottle.

Um, because it was too funny not to include.

Image Source: via Pablo S. on Pinterest

Can’t wait for this one to come out, I feel like I’ve been waiting for forever!

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