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Its March 25, the feast of the Annunciation and it has been snowing all day long! So I give you my favorite picture of Our Lady of the Snows, a feast that is celebrated in August. (Snow in August? I’ll tell you the whole story some time.)

You also have to listen to this (I think I post this every Annunciation, but I don’t care, its beautiful and you will love it, promise):


Check out this awesome song written and sung by the Rubin Sisters!

IMG_1357 IMG_1363

Summer concerts are the best! Summer concerts at sunset are even better! The first sunset came from a She and Him (I’ve posted this video before, this is a good excuse to post it again) concert at Wolf Trap. And the second from the Annapolis Irish Festival. The second sunset is just moments before we are all completely drenched by the most refreshing downpour ever (it was so hot and humid).

Did you know today is National Donut Day? Check out this clip from the Times that lists places that are handing out free donuts! Score!


If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen this picture and heard this story, but I thought I would share again. I went to the post office and asked the postmaster for some “pretty stamps” he obligingly reached behind the counter and put these in front of me.

These stamps remind me, I so excited for the Nationals this year! All the way to the series this time! Whoot!



Two years of blogging! Thank you to all my followers and everyone that has encouraged me to keep trucking along with Sacred Monkeys of the Vatican, I’ve learned so much. Last year I promised an overhaul of the site that never happened – hopefully that will come about this year. I think I have a couple other surprises up my sleeve, but you’ll have to wait and see. Here is to another year of good things!


Okay, so to make up for forgetting last Friday’s meatless meal, I am giving you three meatless dinner ideas today from three of my favorite foodies!

First up, a mushroom and leek quiche from Smitten Kitchen. (This one makes my mouth water!)

Next, shrimp tacos from The Pioneer Woman. (Mmmmm, shrimp.)

And Finally, Korean pancakes (they’re savory!) from Dinner A Love Story! (Totaly making these tonight!)

Well, yesterday was pretty much horrible. Like a mad tea party, only there weren’t any riddles. Let’s check, yup, it was so bad even the Pope decided to quit.

Warning – rant ahead: Read the rest of this entry »

And one more post before the weekend!

Today is the feast of the dedication of the Basilica of St. John Lateran! Check out the amazing panoramic views of the basilica posted by the Holy See.

A few interesting facts about St. John Lateran:

1) There is no St. John Lateran – in Italian the basilica is Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano, or the Basilica of St. John in the Lateran. Lateran refers to the name of the family that owned the palace and grounds before they were seized. I forget who seized them, but I am pretty sure it was an emperor and I think it might have been Nero. Later the Lateran Palace was given to the Pope by Emperor Constantine.

2) The Basilica is the official seat of the Pope as Bishop of Rome, not St. Peter’s Basilica. Although the Pope resides at the Vatican he reigns from St. John Lateran.

3) Oooh, sources, yay! I was right, the palace was seized during the reign of Nero. . .

Source: via Trena on Pinterest

I drove down to Pensacola, Florida over the long weekend for the wedding of a dear friend of mine. It was such a fun wedding! Every detail of the day infused with true southern hospitality. And it was wonderful to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. The awesome wedding location meant that there was opportunities to spend time on the beach and lots of fresh seafood (I am pretty sure I ate my weight in shrimp during my stay.)

Another friend’s birthday coincided with the happy occasion, so I packed a gift that would be beach appropriate: floating lanterns! These were so cool! I ordered a packet of ten off, but I wished I had bought twice as many.

We set them off over the Gulf of Mexico, during a wedding after-party, calming my fears of lighting the city on fire. (No worries, they are biodegradable, I checked.) What I found really amazing about these is that although they weigh almost nothing at all it was really hard to hold the lantern when it was ready to fly. Sadly one was let go before it was ready and it fell into the water. It spluttered for a second or two and then burned out, but that was the only fatality.

All the others made it safely up into the starry night. Unlike fireworks they are perfectly silent, which makes them even more surreal. As soon as you let go it drifts straight up, so gracefully, and it keeps going up until it burns out. Of course the picture above shows hundreds of lanterns, and we only lit a couple at a time, but the sense of wonder was not lost.

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