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You’ve seen the tiny houses right? The houses that can hold everything you need (key word is need), and are incredibly compact, affordable, cute, and, um, tiny. I think I would like living in a tiny house, for a while, I think. Okay, maybe I just like the idea of living in a tiny house.

Well, check this out. A really, really, really, tiny house. So tiny that I am surprised they can actually call it a house. It is more of a little lean-too. Or tool shed. Actually, I think I’ve seen dog houses with more space.

But after I thought about it, I guess it could be a good concept for homeless people. Providing shelter to a person that has none, that would be awesome. But then, there is something so cold and distant about a shelter for one person. It’s almost like saying, here is something to keep you alive as long as I don’t have to talk to you or be near you. What’s the point of having a house if you can’t share it?

What do you think? Do you think a tiny house like this would help or hinder homelessness?


Let’s talk toast. So I burned my toast this morning. It always seems so wasteful to throw it away, so I ate it, but I scraped the burned parts off first. And then I choked because it was too dry to swallow. I saw my life flash before my eyes, and my obituary, “cause of death, choking on toast.” That is not the way to go. As a result of this incident I am rethinking my toast rules, if its burned, and we are not in the middle of a famine, I am throwing it away since it is a potential safety hazard. What do you do when you burn/over toast your toast?

When I lived at home I wouldn’t have felt so bad because the burned toast would have been fed to the chickens, and they eat anything (according to my Dad). Actually, they will eat anything except my Dad’s experimental pickles (which had more salt than the dead sea) and a cake I frosted when I was 15 (it was too pretty to eat, so it sat in the fridge for a month, I guess chickens don’t like stale cake).

I think I need to paint this in the back of my closet. It would explain why I never have anything to wear in the mornings. The other explanation may be the laundry pile. . . nah, that couldn’t possibly be it.

This bit about the metro rang true for me. . .

Source: via Trena on Pinterest

I woke up late, but somehow time slowed down and I am still on time. I really like my outfit. It’s warm outside (albeit overcast, but that reminds me of California and home). And, I’ve just discovered I like black coffee. This day is off to an amazing start!

Do you like random? Here is a picture of a hedgehog that is too adorable for words.


And now I am randomly going to quote some Lent appropriate Shakespeare just to top off the morning:

“Fear no more the heat o’ the sun,
Nor the furious winter’s rages;
Thou thy worldly task hast done,
Home art gone and ta’en thy wages:
Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.”
Cymbeline, 4.2

I’ve been so busy! No posts since . . . I don’t know when since. Anyway, I have been writing, I just haven’t had a chance to post anything! In the mean time, here are a few nuggets of random information you probably don’t want or need, but are still interesting just the same.

Did you know in Microsoft Excel each document contains 1, 480, 576 rows? I forgot how many columns, it something like 16,000, not so impressive. I know you always wanted to know that. You might not know the capital of Kazakhstan (it’s Astana in case you were burning with curiosity, they also speak two languages, Kazakh and Russian), but you will know how many rows there are in an Excel document.

And now you also have an idea of what has been pulled up on my screen for the past few days.

“I started watching this new show, its called Downton Abbey, its great!” I said.

“Why do you like it?” They said.

“The characters are so well developed, the scenery is amazing and they speak beautiful English!” I said.

“Like the Geico Gecko!” They said.

Say what?

I hate sore throats. Thank goodness for hot toddies. ‘Nuff said.

I got a kick out of this article. Wearing a curtain? And why? Well, I suppose I know why, for the attention of course. However, what I found really funny is the brief mention that Lady Gaga thinks she has a mermaid alter ego.

A Mermaid by Waterhouse

I may have a new-found respect for Lady Gaga if she chose this alter ego because 1) mermaids have always had a dark aura surrounding them in fairy tales, 2) a mermaids song is considered deadly, the siren song 3) mermaids are known for their unusual attire 4) traditionally mermaids aren’t very nice, even Hans Christian Anderson recognizes this. Why would this make me respect her a little? Well, it shows some degree of knowledge of the image she gives the world I think.

But if she chose this alter ego because she is thinking of a red-headed Disney character. . .

He is usually coming down the escalator stairs as I am going up them at Ballston Metro Station. Lately he has been wearing a pith helmet in addition to his tailored suit. I believe this is too keep the sun off his head, but why he is wearing it in the metro is beyond me. He looks like he should have lived in India 100 years ago: minus the red English uniform, of course.

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