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My friend Joannie (Joan in Ordinary Time) was in town, so I went with her and her sister’s family (Jill of Dulce Domum) to the Air and Space Museum followed by the Botanical Gardens! It was so much fun. I have never been to the Air and Space Museum without several small boys (in the past it was with my brothers), and it is the best way to see this museum! They get so excited about everything! Rockets! Astronauts! Planes!

Then we headed over to the Botanical Gardens, which was a nice retreat from the heat of the day. There is lots of water, cool breezes and simulated rain. Did you know the Botanical Gardens also have a small children’s garden? It was a lot of fun, there are things to plant and water, a small playhouse, and a bamboo forest.





Summer arrived this weekend! And with it came yummy bruschetta and sweet watermelon! And eating on the back porch! I love warm weather so much!

So this is what I’ve been up to . . .

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Okay, so all the Irish-y stuff happened before I went MIA, but I never had a chance to show you!


It’s a beautiful day! I think I see some wine tasting in my future, a little art, and perhaps a comet? Who knows!


Sunday I took a trip to the National Gallery of Art to see Michelangelo’s David-Apollo , It’s called the DavidApollo because they aren’t sure who it is exactly. I think it is a David, he doesn’t seem Apollo-esque enough to me.

This statue was on loan from the Bargello in Florence. I have seen the statue in Florence before, but I figured I’d go see it again. It’s like when a good friend comes to town you make sure you stop by and say hello during their visit.

To top the visit off, there was an amazing piano trio playing later that evening for which I was able to stay! (FYI: a piano trio means that there is a piano and two other instruments, usually a cello and violin, all playing together. It doesn’t mean a trio of pianos.)


Update: Just found this article by Simcha Fisher on children and and their take on art. Loved it!


I went to an estate sale over the weekend and I found a beautiful little reading chair for my room! It is so comfortable! And cute! And cheap! Just $19!

Getting to my house from the estate sale was hilarious – small as it is, the chair refused to fit in the trunk of my tiny Echo. It had to ride up in the front seat with me! On the way home it generated a lot of smiles and one stop-light converstaion. I love stop-light conversations!


Hello! Sorry I fell off the face of the earth there for a few days – it was a busy weekend!

But, since it was a rainy cold weekend, I had a chance to watch Jodhaa Akbar, a period Bollywood film, and as of Sunday night, a favorite of mine. Why? Probably because it is almost like a fairy tale – the right combination of romance, beautiful language and costumes. I honestly think that Indian films have some of the best language ever – they know how to phrase things just right. The the saris in this film are beautiful! Yes, every now and then there is the little bit of cheesiness that makes is a Bollywood film, but for the most part it is a beautiful film.

Oh, and it is three hours long with subtitles. So make sure you have enough snack food. And don’t try to knit while watching it (like  I did), you’ll just end up making a mess because knitting and reading subtitles is a little difficult (for me at least).


How is it already Friday again? Don’t get me wrong, I love weekends, but this year is just flying by! I am getting ready for another full weekend, with a couple adventures lined up. I tell you all about it on Monday!


(I can’t find the source for this picture, but I am pretty sure it’s from last year’s JCrew.)

. . . and this is how it goes!


Have an amazing weekend! Have adventures, do something exciting, enjoy Labor day! I am going to be doing a whole slough of things, and hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures to share with you!

And all you East Costies that follow tradition, live it up and wear gauzy white and seersucker, for on Monday your summer clothes must retire until next year. Or you can be like me and not live by the rules. . .

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