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When I moved into my current house a badly painted statue of Our Lady of Fatima was already residing there. You can’t really tell from the picture above, but her eyes were terrifyingly black and had the strange quality of following you where ever you might be in the room. Kinda like those old portraits that always seem to be hanging in dark dusty hallways.

I had a little free time last Saturday and I decided to give Our Lady a makeover.  I can’t think of a mother that wouldn’t be pleased with a makeover, so I bought some acrylic paint and set to work. I painted the entire statue with three coats of this paint in 515 Vintage White:


I dabbed the last coat on with a foam makeup applicator so that there wouldn’t be any streaks from the paintbrush and to give the statue a nice matte finish. Finally I gave her crown a good polish and put it back on her head.

The result is lovely! Now “Scary Mary” looks serene and quite lovely! Having her all one color really calls attention to the drapery of her garments and the sweetness of her face. What do you think?




Isn’t this a fun piece of art work? It’s from a series by Jim Darling (via Sho and Tell), and I just love it! One of my favorite things about flying is looking out the window, I always try to get a window seat in front of the wing if I can.

On Monday I ventured out of the house to pay a visit to the Natural History Museum and the National Gallery of Art. I hadn’t been to the Natural History Museum in a while, and I thought I would go pay the mummies a visit, and the Hope Diamond.  They said to say “hello.”


And then I headed over to the National Gallery of Art to see an exhibit titled the McCrindle Gift. Although the McCrindle gift to the National Gallery of Art does include some larger paintings in difference parts of the museum, this is a collection of drawings, sketches and watercolours from various artists, John Singer Sargent included (I posted one of his watercolours below), and it is awesome. I can’t wait for my next paycheck so I can buy the collection catalogue. If you have a chance I highly recommend it.

One of the things I love about living near DC is going to museums frequently enough that I don’t feel like I have to see the whole museum every time I visit. I can just go and see one exhibit, study it closely, visit a favorite or two of the main collection, and then head home. It doesn’t have to be a marathon trip.


Source: via Trena on Pinterest

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