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I’ve watched this five or six times now and I think the choreography is just amazing:


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I found a dance studio and they are currently offering walk-ins for adult ballet classes. So I decided to try a few classes out this week. My first class was last night, and it was not only an amazing workout (my poor calves are still screaming at me, “WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE SUCH ABUSE!”), but a trip down memory lane. It’s funny how there are somethings that never change no matter how many years you are away. Like the way the barre makes that creaking sound when it gives and flexes as you stretch. Or the sound slippered feet make on the floor, all moving in unison. Or that feeling of exhilaration when you do grand battement en cloche.

I was in a wedding recently, it was a beautiful, fun wedding. The bridesmaids wore shades of misty green. The bride looked like a Grecian goddess. It was amazing.

But the picture I snapped above is one of my favorite moments from the whole weekend. It’s the flower girl, busting a move or two while the adults listened to the wedding planner explain the march down the aisle processes. All the while the flower girl was doing pirouettes, high kicks, windmill arms, and otherwise completely rejoicing in the fact that her skirt twirled. She wasn’t being loud or disruptive. She was just dancing for joy.

I really want this for my bathroom. . . isn’t it cute!

Source: via Trena on Pinterest

This was an eye opening book (for me at least) on China, and after reading it I wonder how anyone could ever think that Communism is a good thing. For that matter, how anyone could commend China and the “advances” they have made while they’ve crushed will of their own citizens (I am thinking of a certain State of the Union Address).  I can’t say the actual writing was phenomenal, but the true story was interesting.

After reading it I realized that I don’t know anything about China. . . just that is Communist (which is bad, but its got to have more of a history than just Communism). . .so now I am looking into a couple books on Chinese history. Considering that the population makes up 1/5 of the world (I think) it would be a good country to learn about.

One thing did stand out, was the pride of the Chinese people. That is not a part of Communism, that is Chinese.

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