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There is a painting that was bequeathed to me when I took possession of my office. The frame is battered, the colors are dull, the subject matter of the picture is stale and unmoving to me. To top it all off, the picture is much, much too small for the wall it is hung on. However, despite all that, almost everyone that comes into my office comments on how beautiful this picture is.

It has me completely baffled. I don’t really like it myself. I am just afraid to get rid of it because everyone in the office seems to be so attached to it, and seems to think I should be attached to it too. Plus, I don’t have anything I want to put on that wall yet, I have ideas, but nothing concrete.

Perhaps I will reach up, take it off the wall, and hand it to the next person that says they like it.

And this concludes my random thought of the morning. Have a great day!


Well, the wedding season of 2012 has begun, and judging by the start, it is going to be dazzling! I snapped a few photos of my friends’ wedding. They aren’t very good pictures, they don’t do justice to the beautiful colors and decorations. It was such a graceful event! 

Me: “This is a template I am constructing for a fact sheet that could be updated every year.”

Them: “I don’t like the way these pictures look.”

Me: “Well, yes, I don’t either, yet, it’s just an initial draft really. It’s not finished.”

Them: “Are you going to change the pictures?”

Me: “Yes, they are just place holders right now. I am just trying to get a feel for the lay-out. We can change the pictures later. Do you like the general idea of the layout?”

Them: “These pictures aren’t really what I had in mind.”

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