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I bet you thought that because I posted about writing, I was going to write regularly, didn’t you? Well, that was the plan, but I fell off the bandwagon before it even started moving. That’s a little embarrassing.

What actually happened were the Olympics! Go team USA! I mainly watch the games for the ice-skating. While I am watching ice-skating I feel like I understand for a moment what it’s like for guys when they watch football and basketball. If ice-skating were a regularly scheduled season sport, you could bet your bottom dollar I would be there, sitting on the couch, beer and snacks in hand to catch every minute, every week. And there is lingo to accompany. I might not know the different between a complete and incomplete pass (actually I think I do, but I am never quite sure, so I just keep my mouth shut when people are debating) but, boy, did I learn quickly about Twizzles! Ane how about Davis and White!

And then all the hubub about the women’s figure skating results. What do you think happened? I do think it’s strange that a dark horse wins Russia their first Olympic gold in women’s figure skating, while the Olympics are held in Russia. I am not sure if it was rigged or not, but I really do think Yuna Kim should have won. She was amazing!

And then on the other end of the spectrum, there are┬áthe sports you only watch every four years, like curling. I find it so fascinating. I want to find out if there are any local curling teams, just for kicks. Where do these people come from? There are enough people from enough countries to make it an Olympic sport, but I’ve never heard of a curling club nearby.

And then the sad defeat of both US Hockey teams by the Canadians. My boss and I watched the men’s game yesterday. But, losing to Canadians by one point isn’t so bad, in my world, they are the best hockey players.


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